Arcturis Pet Boost


Arcturis is an extremely rare exotic spirit beast bear that was introduced to World of Warcraft back in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008. Although it is a rare spawn with a long respawn timer it happens to be one of the easiest spirit beasts pets to acquire as a BM hunter. Buying the Arcturis hunter pet carry service, however, will make the process even faster and less stressful for you.

This particular spirit beast is a level 74 rare NPC located at the particular (30,56) coordinates in the Grizzly Hills. It wanders around a single spot on the island in between the river banks. It is a fairly easy tame which depends only on your luck with the spawn timer.  

Arcturis boost includes:

  • Arcturis camped and tamed for your hunter character;
  • all loot dropped to your bag during the boosting;
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Arcturis service ETA: 1-4 days.

Arcturis tamable hunter pet has a unique spectral bear skin. It is an aggressive spirit beast therefore one should be careful in the attempt to tame it. It is a one-spot rare NPC therefore there are always a lot of other hunters who want to get it in their collection.


  • 40 level hunter character.

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft at all times of the boost.

How to tame the Arcturis spirit beast pet as a hunter in BFA or Shadowlands?

Arcturis was introduced back in WotLK expansion (2008) but yet it is still a very desirable spirit beast among the BM hunters. It is one of the 19 different spirit beasts in WoW. To tame this beautiful and mighty bear you will have to be a level 40+ (BFA) Beast Master hunter. The level required to capture this beast will be set to 39 in Shadowlands.

Important information for camping the Arcturis:

  • Arcturis has a shorter spawn timer of 6-10 hours;
  • you must have a special BM hunter talent chosen to tame this spirit beast;
  • his NPC ID is 38453.

The taming of this rare spectral bear pet is pretty straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow if you want to get this spirit beast on your own:

  • head to 30,56 coordinates at the Grizzly Hills (WotLK) Zone;
  • switch on your favorite NPC scanning addon and track the Arcturis;
  • camp for 1-16 hours or try jumping various realms to find the desired pet;
  • in case you afraid to one-shot him use the Fruit Basket toy or face-pull him;
  • use a freezing trap to hold him still;
  • tame the pet as you would usually do as BM hunter.

Spirit beast hunting and the taming process can be extremely long and frustrating at times. You may miss the spawn timer by a minute or some other hunter will tame the pet just before you complete the cast. This can drive you mad, especially if some random newbie player just kills off the rare beast you have been camping for hours. We have a solution to all of your problems.
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