Apex Legends Kills - KD Boost

Kills Farm

Apex Legends kill boosting service is the fastest way that you can earn KD and boost your K/D/A statistic. Kills farm in Apex not only guarantees you better standing and more rewards but also allows players to earn kill-focused badges. Buying Apex kills from our pro team guarantees you fast and high-quality results.

Apex Kills (KD) boost includes:

  1. The selected number of kills in Classic.
  2. Good stats and your K/D/A ratio boosted.
  3. Exp. for your account leveling.
  4. Rare Apex Packs if you level up during the boost.
  5. Everything is done by hands, without bots or cheats.
  6. Support PC, PS4, and Xbox. 

Boost takes: 1 hour/100 kills. 

Please select the number of kills with our flexible calculator. More kills will result in a bigger discount that applies automatically. Please note, that we are not immune to some deaths happening during the service. 

You also can choose the Legends that we play during the service. If you want to carry your Kill / Dead / Assist ratio on specific Legends pick the corresponding option.


  • Apex Legends account;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • specific legends unlocked (if the option is chosen).

Buying Apex Kills

The purchase of Apex Legends KD has never been easier. Our fast AL kill boosting services allow you to select the number of kills you wish to get at the end of this carry. Our professional players are capable of doing 5-15 kills per match which can rapidly farm you the required amount of KDA for your overall statistic.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 available support managers if you wish to have even more Apex kills for sale or any other boost-related questions.

Kills Farm