Ankha Pet Boost


Ankha is one of the 12 tameable spirit beasts in WoW. It was added to the World of Warcraft game in the Cataclysm patch 4.2. It is one of the tricky “challenge” tames that should be approached with caution. Buying our Ankha hunter’s pet carry service will allow you to avoid camping this rare exotic cat and complete the challenge. With Ankha boost you will get your own spectral tiger in the shortest time possible.

Ankha belongs to an exotic family of tamable pets therefore it requires the hunter to have a beast mastery spec to attempt her. It is a level 85 rare NPC located in the Mount Hyjal of Cataclysm with a 6-17 hour respawn timer. It shares the respawn timer with the Magria. To attempt taming Ankha in the most recent expansion you will need to be at least a level 100+ character or level 39 in Shadowlands.

The Ankha boost includes:

  • Ankha pet camped and located;
  • Ankha taming challenge completed for your hunter character;
  • all loot dropped to your bag during the boosting;
  • high-class VPN security;
  • private live stream (request it before the start of the boost to check availability).

Ankha pet service ETA ~1-2 days.

The challenge behind taming an Ankha pet is in its Metal Cleaver ability. Ankha deals substantial amounts of additional damage to armored targets. The more armor you have on, the more damage you will receive. Therefore being a high-level and well-geared character makes the taming even harder.


  • 50 level hunter;
  • Hyjal questline completed (in case you don't have it completed, add Hyjal questline option).

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft at all times of the boost.

How to tame the Ankha pet as a hunter in BFA or Shadowlands?

Taming the Ankha hunter pet is not an easy task it may seem to be. Even if you are a high-level character who raided out all the top gear Ankha may still surprise you with the amount of damage it deals right into your face if approached unknowingly. Therefore here are some tips and tricks on how to get the exotic spectral cat into your hunter’s collection.

Important information for taming the Ankha:

  • Ankha has a spawn timer of 6-17 hours;
  • Ankha shares the spawn timer with Magria;
  • Ankha is an exotic beast therefore you will have to be a BM hunter to tame it;
  • her NPC ID is 54318.

To tame this wild spirit cat you will need to follow our brief but helpful Ankha taming guide:

  • head to the Mount Hyjal Cataclysm zone;
  • complete the quest chain leading to daily quests (the quest required is Aessina's Miracle);
  • head to The Regrowth 32.4, 51.4;
  • switch on your favorite NPC scanning addon and track the Ankha NPC;
  • start roaming the path shown on the picture above;
  • take off all items that grant you armor;
  • in case you afraid to one-shot the NPC use the Fruit Basket toy or face-pull;
  • use the Tame Beast spell to add Ankha in your collection


The best way to quickly take off your gear is to create a new armor set and simply switch to it with the inventory manager. This way you will have the necessary flexibility and won’t become a victim of a gang.

The spirit beast hunting is a tedious process. Camping can take up hours and even days, especially if someone steals your pet just in front of you. This can make you so angry and frustrated that you won’t even think of collecting hunters’ pets again. But there is always a faster and less painful approach to this task. Professional hunter pet taming for Ankha is what Boosthive has to offer.

After you buy your Ankha pet carry service our well-trained hunter booster will get you the desired pet as soon as it appears on one of the realms. It will track, camp, and tame it by completing the challenging part of the process, leaving the best part for you. Enjoying a new hunter companion in your collecting will make you feel good and never come back to the boring waiting again.