Alliance Black War Mounts

Alliance Black War Mounts

Alliance Black War Mounts are the prestigious PvP mounts of TBC Classic expansion that are purchasable for Marks of Honor. A PvP currency that can be farmed from various battlegrounds. The Alliance Black War Mount Boost helps you farming those marks and unlocks any of the x5 PvP mounts of your liking.

Buying the Black War Mounts (Alliance) carry will farm any specific Marks of Honor or deliver the selected war mount.

Alliance Black War mounts carry rewards:

  1. Chosen alliance battleground mounts:
  2. Battleground wins farmed.
  3. Tons of Honor Points.

Boost ETA: 6-7 days for 1 mount.

You can buy each Black War Mount for x30 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor, x30 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor, and x30 Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor.

If you already have several Marks, the price for this service can be lowered. Just pick the number of Marks you need with a special option.


  • WoW Burning Crusade Classic account;
  • 70 level;
  • this boost is piloted.

Alliance Black War Mounts Boost Info

Alliance Black War Mounts are one of the PvP rewards that players get for their accomplishments on battlegrounds. Whether you want to collect all those mounts or just buy one Alliance Black War Mount that you fancy riding in your PvP battles Boosthive is here to help.

Our boosters are ready to farm as many honor marks as needed. This way you can select the mounts you want to have or buy all of them in one go without even breaking a sweat.

Alliance Black War Mounts