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All TBC Attunements Boost

Are you playing the Burning Crusade for the first time? Or you are a veteran player who knows how lengthy and boring attunements can be? In any case, a full attunement boost is right for you. With this service that we offer for sale here, you can simply buy every attunement in Phase 1 of TBC Classic and enjoy having fun with your friends in Heroic dungeons and raids.

Classic Burning Crusade Attunements boost rewards:

  1. Obtain all or any of the selected Attunements.
  2. Include all sorts of access unlocking from reputation to questing.
  3. Attune for all reputation-based Heroic Dungeons.
  4. Unlock Karazhan raid access.

The Burning Crusade Classic attunements carry ETA depends on the number of attunements required.

Please select any number of attunements your character needs to obtain. To get an approximate time for completion please contact one of our managers via online chat. 

Buying the Attunements service that we offer for sale here is available for every player of WoW TBC Classic, however before the purchase please pay attention to some basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 70 level TBCC character;
  • WoW Classic: TBC expansion active;
  • this boost is piloted;
  • no specific gear required.

What are attunements in TBC Classic?

Attunements are specific quest lines or actions that players should accomplish to get rewarded with access to a particular heroic dungeon or raid. Burning Crusade was the first expansion that made them the key element of gameplay. Some TBC attunements are long, require a reputation grind, and can take up to 7 days to finish.

There are the following attunements in the 1st Phase of TBC Classic:

  • Karazhan Raid Attunement;
  • heroic Auchindoun Attunement;
  • Shadow Labyrinth unlock;
  • heroic Caverns of Time Attunement;
  • Black Morass Access unlock;
  • heroic Coilfang Reservoir Attunement;
  • heroic Tempest Keep Attunement;
  • Arcatraz Access unlock;
  • heroic Hellfire Citadel Attunement;
  • Shattered Halls Access Unlock.

You can use a special addon to check the progress in every attunement and if you miss some quest or some levels of reputation, you can ask Booshive to help you. We can create a special order to make your attunement process fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

All TBC Attunements