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Alchemy Boost

Here you can buy Alchemy profession in BfA. We will level up Alchemy using the most economic and fastest guides. This profession is required to create consumables for raid: flasks, potions and elixirs. We recommend to pair this profession with Herbalism: you will gather herbs for creating potions. You can also craft Alchemy trinket Eternal Alchemist Stone which is solid for healers.

Default Alchemy boost includes:

  • BfA Alchemy 1-150 increased
  • A lot of flask from the Alchemy carry
  • Piloted mode (we log into your account to complete the service)
  • Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start)
  • VPN for account safety


  • 120 level in BfA
  • Around 20000-50000 gold, depends on realm prices (we use your gold for profession service)

We use VPN for account safety and never ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Do WoW boost services save you time?


The simple answer here would be: of course they do! It is just, common sense, that if you delegate part of your routine, boring grinding to one of our qualified boosters, you will have more time to enjoy other cool staff in World of Warcraft. And we can guarantee that after you buy our WoW Carry service you will be doing it with the top-notch character. We are gamers ourselves and we know everything you are struggling with, let us help you by making your life simpler and happier in both Warcraft and the real-life.


How exactly WoW boosters help you in-game?


Our team here at Boosthive has hundreds of various WoW boosting services that we are more than happy to offer. They relate greatly with your current character level, gear score, gaming objective, and personal preferences, basically all of them, in one way or another, are targeted towards saving you as much time as possible. Here are some reasons for you to consider buying WoW carry services:

  • Skip unbearably-boring quests and grinding bores to get your character to a maximum level;
  • Start playing the latest game content, rather than spending time to clear old locations;
  • Skip hours of dungeon runs trying to reach that gearscore, get the WoW boost and go straight to killing serious bosses;
  • Stop wasting your gaming hours on farming legendary items and spend them on glorious victories;
  • Forget the daily and weekly tasks that siphon all the fun from the game, let our wow boosters “enjoy” that for you!

Start playing World of Warcraft more efficiently with our carry services and we can guarantee that you will start loving this game again.


Do I need to buy WoW boosting if I am just starting my in-game journey?


It all depends on your preferences and your gaming time allowance. If you are, let say, a very busy businessman who has less than an hour a day to relax, while killing some enemies in Battle for Azeroth, then you probably might consider getting some WoW carry services. They can get your character to that OP (OverPowered) stage where you will no longer feel bored.


Or you are a freelancer that has quite some time to play and build up his own personal gaming style. Then one day you get into collecting various WoW things and here it comes again, some of those things can take ages to farm, therefore, the endless grind and questing can be easily delegated to one of our Warcraft carry professionals. Get what you want in the shortest time possible, which is called efficient gaming and that is what makes our WoW boosting services so attractive.


So, to sum up, the above information: whether you are a World of Warcraft newbie on the path to professional gaming or a Pro who has some time constraints, in any case, it is greatly efficient to purchase the carry services to boost your gaming performance.


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