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Adored Ritual Sniper Rifle

Season of the Hunt has brought new exotic weapons that burst the D2 PvP meta. Now we have the Adored Ritual Exotic Sniper Rifle for sale, a gun that can significantly boost your power and skill. Buying the Adored Exotic Rifle will get you this impressive piece of equipment with a 100% guaranteed drop from one of the Banshee-44 exotic quests.

Adored Boost delivery time and ETA: 12 hours.

There are several ways to farm the Adored Ritual Rifle including Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard activities.

The D2 Adored Exotic Sniper Rifle carry service includes:

  • Adored RItual Sniper Rifle quest completion;
  • obtainment of the Adored Sniper Rifle;
  • choice of activity Skin for Adored Sniper Rifle
  • lots of glimmer;
  • a lot of other legendary loot.

Adored Ritual Rifle carry options (D2 Adored skins):

  • Adored Gambit Skin - "The Adored" new ritual gun farmed with the Gambit skin;
  • Adored Vanguard Skin - "The Adored" exotic sniper rifle with the Vanguard skin;
  • Adored Crucible Skin - "The Adored" ritual rifle looted with the Crucible skin.

The skin depends on the Season of the Hunt activity selected to obtain the Adored Ritual weapon. After completion, it will unlock a skin theme based on the carry type.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • Beyond light Campaign completed;
  • Season of the Hunt Pass.

Adored Ritual Sniper Rifle boost Description

Purchasing the Adored Ritual sniper rifle is the fastest and a 100% guaranteed way to get this awesome exotic weapon. It has lots of perks and 3 different skins to select from. You may order the Adored skin of your liking through the option of this product. Currently, this is the top PvP sniper rifle in D2 and it is the kind of the meta.

The Adored boost consists of farming the on-map activities of your choice provided by the Banshee-44 until the quest is completed and your character loots this new wonderful ritual gun. Everyone is so thrilled about this sniper rifle because it has the following useful traits:

  • killing wind - grant player extra mobility, weapon range, and handling after the kill;
  • snapshot sights - faster time to aim down sight (fast aiming).

Those two perks are crucial in the current D2 PvP meta and would be nice to have in your arsenal when fighting your enemies.

How to buy Adored Exotic Sniper Rifle

In order to buy the Adored rifle carry you will have to proceed with the regular order placing through our website. Here is how the process is organized.

  1. Select the option and the preferred skin of the Adored Ritual Rifle.
  2. Proceed to checkout and complete your order.
  3. Our manager will contact you almost instantly to arrange the details.
  4. The Adored exotic farming will take place as soon as possible.
  5. You will get your powerful exotic sniper rifle with a 100% guarantee.

This is the fastest way to get this weapon as our professional D2 carry team knows exactly how to complete the activities needed for obtaining this rare gun.

Adored Ritual Sniper Rifle