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Adept The SWARM Machine Gun

Buy D2 Adept Swarm Machine Gun and get a fancy version of the Swarm with cool perks to roll and an additional socket for Adept Weapon Mods. With Outlaw, Dragonfly, and Killing Wind perks this beast melts orange and yellow bar enemies real fast. Boosthive professionals will farm Grandmaster Nightfalls until you got the required amount of Adept Swarm Machine Guns

Adept The Swarm boost rewards:

  1. Adept The SWARM Machine Gun guaranteed.
  2. Increased chances of Exotic Armor and Masterworking materials.
  3. A chance to get an Adept Weapon Mod.
  4. Enhancement Prisms.
  5. Ascendant Shards.
  6. High chance to get an Exotic.
  7. Other Rare and Legendary drops acquired during the service.

D2 Adept The Swarm Boost ETA: 2 hours - 1 day

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

While Shadow Price, Palindrome, and The SWARM are available in lower difficulties of Nightfalls, Adept versions can only be acquired through Grandmaster difficulty.


  • 1575+ Power Level;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

Important to note that Nightfall weapons are on a 3-week rotation. It might take up to 2 weekly resets for your order to be completed.

Adept the SWARM  Machine Gun