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Adept Palindrome Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Adept Palindrome is the best choice within the Nightfall Weapon pool, granting additional Masterwork stat bonuses, and the ability to socket Adept weapon mods. Buying Adept Palindrome will offer you a professional carry to loot this unique collectible gun no matter how many Grandmaster runs it will take us to make.

Adept Palindrome boost rewards:

  1. Adept Palindrome Hand Cannon guaranteed.
  2. Increased chances of Exotic Armor and Masterworking materials.
  3. Guaranteed Adept Weapon Mod (additional option).
  4. Enhancement Prisms.
  5. Ascendant Shards.
  6. High chance to get an Exotic.
  7. Other Rare and Legendary drops acquired during the service.

Destiny 2 Adept Palindrome Boost takes: 2 hours - 1 day

While Shadow Price, Palindrome, and The SWARM are available in lower difficulties of Nightfalls, Adept versions can only be acquired through Grandmaster difficulty.

Please check out some additional requirements for this type of service.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.


  • 1575+ Power Level;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

Important to note that Nightfall weapons are on a 3-week rotation. It might take up to 2 weekly resets for your order to be completed.

Adept Palindrome Carry Run Description

So what is the hype over the Adept version of the player’s favorite Destiny 2 gun - Palindrome? Why everyone wants to buy this beautifully crafted hand cannon and add it to their D2 weapon collection? The reason is simple it is a very powerful handgun that can nuke out players and be efficiently usable in both PvE and PvE situations.

Searching on how to get the Palindrome but don’t want to spend time for numerous GM runs? No worries Boosthive has got you covered. Just look at these extra perks that go together with our Adept Palindrome boosting service:

  • 100% guarantee on looting the Adept Palindrome;
  • as many Grandmaster runs completed as needed to get the item;
  • 24/7 carry support and consultation;
  • one of the best price on the market;
  • experienced fireteam with fast carry times.

If you still thinking to purchase the Adept version of the Palindrome or not and have some questions to ask, feel free to reach out and our support team will be glad to help.

Is Adept Palindrome worth it?

The simple answer to this question is yes! This legendary weapon is on the list of the most powerful hand cannons in the game. It has a nice set of perks and stat bonuses are just making it even better. Overall it has great accuracy and if combines with some abilities it can be a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled Guardian.

Additionally for veteran Destiny players, Palindrome is definitely a nostalgic weapon brought back to life from the previous version of the game. It was a massive hit in the first series and it should continue to be a great weapon in Destiny 2. And what is the best part, now players can get the Adept version of this powerful cannon from the PvE activity! Isn’t it great?

Adept Palindrome