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Hung Jury SR4 Adept Rifle

One of the top precision kinetic rifles in D2 -  Hung Jury SR4 got the Adept version! It is mindblowing how it improved the performance of this gun and how much more demanded it is now.

Buying the Hung Jury SR4 Adept Rifle boosting service gets Guardians any number of rolls until full satisfaction with the combination of powerful perks and stat rolls.

Adept Hung Jury carry includes:

  1. Chosen amount of Adept Jung Jury Scout Rifles farmed.
  2. Grandmaster Nightfall completed for Conqueror Seal.
  3. Exotic Armor dropped in the process.
  4. Ascendant shards and Enhancement prisms.
  5. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost ETA: 1 day.

Safety: 100% guaranteed VPN use in our recovery (piloted) services.

Important: Adept Hung Jury rotates and becomes available every 3 weeks. If the weapon isn't available in-game at the time of the purchase, we need to wait before starting this service.

Before purchasing our Hung Jury (Adept) boosting service, please go through some of the basic requirements below.


  • 1575+ power level;
  • This boost is a recovery (piloted).

Hung Jury SR4 Carry Service

The Grand Master Nightfall rewards rotation now includes the unique adept version of the fan-favorite Hung Jury rifle and we can’t be happier. This is the right gun for both PvP and PvE activities if you roll on some good stats and perks. 

However, as always, farming the SR4 Hung Jury god roll is not an easy task. It can take 1 lucky roll of tens of rules to get that exact weapon that will dominate the battlefields. That is exactly why Boosthive is offering you to buy the Hung Jury (Adept) farming service.

With our HJ SR4 carry you will get the exact number of guys you opted for with a 100% guarantee on full order completion. Still can’t decide or have any questions about this D2 legendary weapon, feel free to contact us via online chat and we will do our best to assist you.

Adept Hung Jury
Please contact our managers to order this item