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Ace of Spades Hand Cannon

Ace of Spades is an Exotic Hand Cannon that was rewarded for completing an exotic quest line connected with old recordings from Cayde-6. Now, this quest was removed from the game with Content Vault and players can only buy Ace of Spades in D2 from Monuments to Lost Light. But they need to collect specific currency first.

Our Ace of Spades boosting service will help to gather everything necessary to get this Exotic Hand Cannon from Kiosk fast and without any stress. It was one of the best hand cannons for PvP. Memento Mori grants radar even aiming down sights. Ace of Spades also shoots six increased damage bullets after every kill and reload.

D2 Ace of Spades boost rewards:

  1. All necessary currencies gathered:
  2. All other items that might drop during the farm.
  3. Experience for your Artifact and Season Pass.
  4. Personal live stream (additional option).

Boost takes: 1-3 days.

Exotic Cipher is collected from time-limited vendor Xur. If he is not active (Friday-Tuesday), the team has to wait to continue your order.

If you already acquired a few materials, you can buy Ace of Spades at a lower price by picking additional options. Please check the basic requirements for this service.


  • 1310+ power level (for Ascendant Shard farm);
  • Beyond Light DLC unlocked;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to Get Ace of Spades in D2?

Ace of Spades quest line involved listening to several old recordings from Cayde-6. It was a nice and bittersweet quest that reminded you of the past and rewards a weapon in the end. Unfortunately, now players can only get access to Ace of Spades from Monuments to Lost Light (Kiosk). Gathering all currencies requires a lot of time and effort, but we offer a better solution. Simply buy Ace of Spades carry, and our team will get everything that is necessary in no time.


Ace of Spades