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Lucid Nightmare

Here you can make a purchase of World of Warcraft mount Lucid Nightmare boost.

Carrying secret mount Lucid Nightmare is a rewarded by figuring out  worldwide riddles. You have to do resolve several puzzles.

In the beginning of the adventure you should visit dalaran and find a scroll with a riddle there. It will get you to "Secrets of Ulduar" and force you to create a stange pattern on the ground.

Another step is the Ahn'Qiraj raid, last room near C'Thun, you must solve the game with lines.

Next hint you've got tells you to get 
Shadoweave Mask from AH or create by your own talor to find a way to a secret chair in the Deepholm.

Then you have to be in Valshara and solve puzzle there. Finally you will be sent to Pandaria's  Endless Halls passing which may take from 30 mins to 3hrs~.

Asap taking 4 orbs to their lanterns, you'll get the last part of the riddle - travel under the Karazhan to obtain the mount from the chest.


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