Path of Exile Character Boost

Starting a new character or a new league? Tired of the same repeating process of leveling, gearing, and completing the story? Have a hard time defeating some of the bosses? PoE Character Boost will help you to get to the endgame quickly and efficiently. Be it item farming or atlas boosting - we can do it all.

Character Сarry Services in PoE

We offer a wide variety of boosts, including PoE Character driving, power leveling, completion of labs, and a lot more! Here are a few examples of what PoE boosts you can get with Boosthive:

  • 1 to 100 power leveling;
  • completion of various challenges;
  • labyrinth carries;
  • boss kills;
  • item Farming;
  • atlas boosts.

It is also possible to create a specialized service. If You want something special or really specific, just message us and we will make sure that your order happens in no time. With our 24/7 support, you can always be certain that your order will be done as quickly as possible at any time. In addition to that, we never use cheats, exploits, or any programs that give an unfair advantage during your character boost, which means that your account is always safe and protected from bans. VPN software is also being used as an extra protection measure.

Path of Exile Character Boosting Guide

Leagues offer unique challenges like labyrinths, archnemesis challenges, act boss kills, and many more. With each challenge being unique in its difficulty it is expected that not everyone is able to conquer them, but rewards are exciting and valuable. That’s where seasonal character boosting comes in. Our highly skilled professional players will beat any challenge in no time at all. All you will have to do is reap the rewards! The process of proceeding with the boost looks like this:

  • select the boost that you would like to receive;
  • specify your character, league, difficulty, and platform;
  • proceed to checkout and make the payment;
  • wait for 1-7 minutes for our staff to contact you to prepare the boost;
  • enjoy fast and professional character carry.

Our character carries can be done for both PC and PlayStation, meaning that even if you are a console player you can still use our services. If you want to level a new character or improve an already existing one - Boosthive’s PoE carry services is exactly what you need. If you can’t participate in the carry process personally - piloted play is also an option. Our professional booster will log into your account (with all the necessary precautions) and perform the boost for you. Character driving with you telling the booster exactly what to do is also possible.

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We are online NOW and 24/7

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We only use safe and time-proven methods

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