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What will be removed in Shadowlands?

With the new WoW Shadowlands expansion approaching, we at Boosthive are currently in full-on preparation mode. Our sneaky content explorers have already infiltrated the WoW: SL alpha builds to search for every possible way that we can help you to boost your character in Shadowlands. Meantime, our professional boosters are also there, testing new mechanics, dungeons, and quests to offer you the best quality Shadowlands carry services as soon as the expansion will be released.

To understand what to boost in Shadowlands and what carry services to offer we had analyzed the datamined content of the available alpha, read all the official and unofficial news, and still working on a full product list that will be released closer to the release date. But now you can subscribe to our website notifications to be one of the first ones to pre-book WoW Shadowlands boosting services from Boosthive. We will then notify you about our latest WoW:SL carry services with a special early-bird discount code!

What do you need to complete before the WoW Shadowlands pre-patch 9.0?

The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will bring in lots of new and innovative game mechanics, targeted to breathe new life in our long-time favorite MMO RPG. The squishing of the level cap and character characteristics, changes in the leveling process, new endless dungeon, and much more. However, bringing something new always means that some of the old content will not be available anymore and unachievable. Let us now look through the most recent changes and see what will be removed with the release of the patch 9.0.

Finish your Raid achievements, and defeat the N’zoth!

As soon as the patch 9.0 hits the live servers, current top BfA raid “Ny’alotha, The Waking City” will probably get nerfed and the main achievements: Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor and  Cutting Edge: N'Zoth the Corruptor will be changed to Feat of Strength making them no longer obtainable. Therefore it is essential to receive them now, and there is no easier way to do so, then buying one of out Ny’alotha Heroic or Mythic raid boosts:


Ny'alotha Mythic Run

Ny'Alotha, The Waking City Heroic

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N'zoth, the Corruptor


Ny'Alotha, The Waking City Mythic


These Boosthive professional carry services will allow you to be prepared for the Shadowlands and not miss the chance of getting some more FoS Achievements into your collection. More Raid related boosts can always be found on our WoW Raid Services page.


Get Mythic + Dungeon rewards

That is where it all begins to be interesting, with the introduction of the Season’s ride: Awakened Mindborer for the Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four achievement, players have to battle their way to get this cool-looking vehicle before the pre-patch 0.9 goes live, otherwise, it will no longer be obtainable, same goes for the achievement itself. Therefore you are still in time to get the Mythic + carry from our shop or you can stretch it our to get one m+ dungeon boost a week to complete them all, in any case, you will manage to get it done before the Shadowlands Mythic + Season comes out!  Don’t forget that by completing all mythic +15 dungeons you will also get the Keystone Conqueror achievement. 


Keystone Master: Mount - Awakened Mindborer


Mythic +15 Run


Mythic +10 Run


For more WoW BFA Dungeon services you can visit our Mythic dungeons carry page.


Collect Mounts, we all need more WoW Mounts!

Some rare mounts are precious for every WoW player and the BfA content introduced some unique additions to the collection. Shadowlands release will only make the  Uncorrupted Voidwing unobtainable and therefore very rare! Other mounts will not be eliminated but their drop rate will be set to approximately 1% making them much harder to get. The Mythic Jaina Mount: Glacial Tidestorm and the Mythic N’zoth mount: Ny’alotha Allseer currently have a 100% drop rate and can be easily boosted by one of our Mythic carry runs.

Uncorrupted Voidwing


Glacial Tidestorm (Jaina Mount)


Ny'alotha Allseer


If you are interested in other rare WoW mount, you can find the full list of them right here!


Will you miss your Legendary Cloak in Shadowlands?

Up till now, there is still no info whether the BFA legendary cloak questline would be still available in WoW: Shadowlands. Considering that Pandaria legendary cloak became unachievable with the release of the new expansion and there is no way to get it now, the same could happen with the Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve. The chances are high, but even if you just starting the questline or want it for your second or third character, you should not worry, Boosthive is there to help. We can complete the long quest chain for you and farm the hell out of the Horrific Visions so that you will manage to get your legendary cloak in time for the new expansion. Just tell us what stage you are on at the moment and let us take care of the rest, making you legendary prepared for the Shadowlands leveling boost.

 BFA Legendary Cloak


Horrific Visions


Coalescing Visions



Don’t forget about another cool achievement: Mad World and the unique “the Faceless One” title. It can be obtained by completing the full HOrrific Visions instance solo with all 5 masks on! This title will vanish as soon as Shadowlands pre-patch will be released so start practicing your solo visions as the time is running out!


Great WoW Battle for Azeroth Elite PvP Sets

Keen on cool transmogrification or a hardcore PvP player who gets his equipment forged in the blood of the opposite faction? In any case, keep in mind that Elite BFA PvP Sets will be gone forever with the removed in patch 9.0 and now it is the best time to get them! We provide an exclusive rating boost specifically made for your needs, or PvP Coaching services that will teach you how to break faces of your opponents, in addition, you can get the  Rival: Battle for Azeroth Season 4 achievement, which also is unobtainable in Shadowlands.

Arena 3v3 Rating Boost Arena 3v3 Coaching Services Boosthive RBG Rating Boost WoW Boosthive

Arena Rating 3v3


Arena Coaching 3v3


RBG Rating



Looking to play some other class in WoW: Shadowlands?

Fed up of healing people who do all in their power to stay in fire? Or can’t get enough aggro as a Tank? Switch your “Main” character before the Shadowlands as it is the best time to do so!

Leveling will be completely changed in the new expansion, the maximum level and the stats will be squished, however, the alpha leveling experience shows that mobs have turned out to be hardcore and even well-geared characters are struggling sometimes. Here is what you can do not to miss an opportunity to play for the most OP class in Shadowlands. Prepare some “Alts” for the WoW: SL by using the fastest WoW Powerleveling service! Your new class is just a few clicks away!


Custom WoW Leveling 1-120 Fast Boosthive WoW BFA Leveling 110-120 Fast Boosthive WoW BFA Freehold Leveling 110-120 super fast boost

Custom Leveling 1-120


BFA Leveling 110-120


Freehold Leveling 110-120



The first rule is … WoW BFA Brawler’s Guild

Don’t panic! The Brawler’s guild will continue to host bloody massacres on its arena in Shadowlands, however, the current Battle for Azeroth Seasonal achievements will be moved into the Legacy tab for good and will no longer be achievable. Therefore don’t hesitate to get the Brawler’s guild boost from us to complete all seasonal achievements and even get the Bruce mount!

WoW Brawlerd Guild Boost Bruce Mount Boosthive

Brawlers Guild: Bruce Mount



When is the Patch 9.0?

The simple answer is - we don’t know, and nobody knows, because the release date has not been announced yet. However, taking all the current circumstances and the previous expansion patterns it should be rolled out 1-2 months before the actual release date of WoW: Shadowlands. This is some heavy guess-work here: we think (hope) that it will be somewhere at the end of the Summer beginning of Autumn 2020. As soon as we will get some official info we will update this post immediately, so keep an eye!

When is the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands release date?

Official sources say that it is 2020 (not a very specific date, don’t you think?), more elaborate official sources say that it can be rolled out as early as November 2020 (Q4 of this year). In any case, there are still a couple of months to complete your WoW BFA journey or to seek some professional Boostive’s boosting help to prepare all your characters for the perfect World of Warcraft: Shadowlands exploration. The official date will be posted here the same moment it will be announced, stay tuned!

Already finished all the WoW Shadowlands preparation boosts?

There is always something to do in World of Warcraft, but if you are tired of playing the retail servers, try the Vanilla (Classic ones). Go through the very beginning of WoW, raid some iconic bosses, and save Azeroth once again. We know that you all are honored heroes of Azeroth, but let Boosthive make your WoW Classic Experience a bit better by offering you some of our Vanilla carry services:

Vanilla Leveling 1-60 Classic WoW Level boost Classic Honor Boosting Service WoW Boosthive Alterac Valley Reputation Boost WoW Classic Boosthive

Vanilla Leveling 1-60


Classic Honor


Alterac Valley Reputation


More services are also available here, and even if you need a custom boost you can always chat with one of our managers online!

Let's sum-up your pre-shadowlands to-do boosting list:


As you can see Boosthive can assist you in every aspect of your pre-Shadowlands preparations, all you have to do is choose the World of Warcraft Service that you like to be boosted and we will make it happen! Please be advised that towards the end of the expansion we would be getting lots of requests on the shadowlands preparation services, therefore the earlier to book the boost the faster and cheaper you will get it.

If you are in search of some specific services or some VIP Boosting experience, don’t hesitate to contact one of our managers and we will definitely find some great options for you.

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