How to apply:

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We are currently hiring:

WoW Dragonflight:

  • RBG teams with 2400+ experience on EU and US realms
  • Mythic + teams which playing at nights
  • Mythic raiding groups on EU and US realms
  • Any other players with unique abilities

Diablo IV:

  • HIgh skilled players who could farm 100+ GR with selfplayed customers
  • Searching for US - region boosters on Softcore and Hardcore
  • Boosters on PS4 and X-box
  • Hardcore top players

World of Warcraft: Classic

  • 1-60 levelers
  • Raid groups
  • 5 ppl groups
  • PvP players to farm Honor Rank
  • Gold Sellers


  • Frequent online
  • Responsibility
  • Exceptional gaming skills