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Prepare for Battle for Azeroth!


What you need to do before the release of Battle for Azeroth? (UPDATED)

Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch coming on 11th (10th US) or 18th (17th US) of July 2018. We prepared a list of all the things that will be removed or unavailable to do in the new addon!

The list of things that will not be available (deleted) with the launch of a new addon or pre-path of BFA:

Feats of Strength Achievements:


Legacy Achievements:

Will not be removed, but getting them will be much harder:

  • Long Forgotten Hippogryph - rare mount from looting 5 Ephemeral Crystal faster than other players - will be harder to receive due to new crossrealm rule in legion zones with BFA release
  • Talon's Vengeance reputation become almost impossible to do first stage of this rep grind: farming players on PvP and Falcosaur WQ's to honored reputation, because you won't be able to findwith needed amount of players doing that quests after BfA launch. Also exalted reputation grants you Ivory Hawkstrider mount