Sockets & Gems in The War Within

The War Within expansion introduces new ways to add gem sockets to your gear, enhancing both PvE and PvP experiences. This guide will cover how to add these sockets, the types of gems available, and their benefits, allowing you to maximize your character's potential.

New Unique Gems in The War Within

Sockets are slots on gear that allow you to insert gems, providing additional bonuses on top of the item's original stats. Gems come in various types and can be replaced using the Item Socketing window. With the introduction of The War Within, you can now add even more sockets to your gear, significantly boosting its effectiveness.

How to Add Sockets in The War Within

To add sockets, you'll need one of two new items:

Magnificent Jeweler's Setting (PvE)

This item adds sockets to PvE gear, specifically Rings and Necks. Since you can equip two Rings and one Neck, you can potentially add six new gems, greatly enhancing your gear for PvE activities by increasing primary stats, critical hit chance, movement speed, and more.

Vicious Jeweler's Setting (PvP)

This item is used to add sockets to PvP gear and can be applied to a wider range of items, including Helms, Necks, Rings, Belts, and Bracers. This allows you to add up to nine gems, significantly boosting your PvP build with improved primary and secondary stats.

New Gems in The War Within

The expansion introduces new gem types for both PvE and PvP, each offering dual-stat bonuses:

PvE Gems

  • Blasphemite Gems: Powerful gems providing additional bonuses based on the number of unique Algarian gem colors equipped.
  • Insightful Blasphemite: +Primary Stat and +1% Maximum Mana per unique Algarian gem color
  • Culminating Blasphemite: +Primary Stat and +1% Critical Effect per unique Algarian gem color
  • Elusive Blasphemite: +Primary Stat and +2% Movement Speed per unique Algarian gem color
  • Cubic Blasphemia: +Primary Stat and +20% perceived fame and fortune per unique Algarian gem color socketed

PvP Gems

  • Bloodstones: Gems aimed at enhancing PvP performance.
  • Enduring Bloodstone: +Primary Stat and +15% Damage Reduction when affected by Crowd Control
  • Cognitive Bloodstone: +Primary Stat and opponent's failed interrupt attempts grant Precognition
  • Determined Bloodstone: +Primary Stat and getting snared increases damage of your next attack by 2267 per stack

Regular Gems

Similar to Dragonflight, these gems offer dual-stat bonuses:


The War Within's new socketing system enhances character customization, allowing you to tailor your gear for specific tasks and improve your overall performance in both PvE and PvP. As you prepare for raids or ranked PvP matches, utilizing these new sockets and gems will provide significant advantages. Keep an eye on Jewelcrafting as a key profession to make the most of these new enhancements! If you are looking to level your jewelcrafting at the start of The War Within to capitalize on new gems – we’ve got you covered. Here you can check out our TWW services, including leveling of various professions, including Jewelcrafting

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