The War Within Delves Guide

The War Within expansion introduces Delves, a new form of endgame world content in World of Warcraft. Inspired by past experiences with Torghast, Islands, and Scenarios, Delves are designed to offer players more choice and variety. This guide provides an overview and detailed explanation of Delves, including their structure, gameplay mechanics, locations, rewards, and more.

What Are Delves in the War Within?

Delves are 10-15 minute adventures designed for 1-5 players and are role-agnostic, meaning players can participate regardless of their class roles. Set in the new zones of Khaz Algar, Delves feature narrative tie-ins and NPC companions to enhance the storytelling experience. They are a permanent addition to World of Warcraft, forming a new pillar of endgame content alongside Raiding and Mythic+.

Key Features of Delves

Parallel Content

Delves offer progression outside of traditional Raiding, Mythic+, and PvP. They provide an alternative endgame activity but are not mandatory for competitive play.

Seamless Integration

Despite being instanced, the Delves system is designed to feel like a natural extension of the outdoor world, with no loading screens interrupting the experience.

Variety in Structure

Not all Delves follow the same pattern. Some end with a final boss, while others conclude with treasure. Each Delve offers a unique experience, sometimes incorporating puzzles and platforming elements.

Dynamic Objectives

Delves feature objectives that change daily, ensuring that each playthrough remains fresh and engaging. The environment and challenges within a Delve can also vary, such as navigating darkness with an enchanted candle or assisting the Earthen in battles against Kobolds.


Players will be accompanied by NPC companions, such as Brann Bronzebeard in Season 1. These companions can level up, be customized to fulfill different roles (tank, healer, DPS), and unlock new abilities as they progress through Delves.

Tiered Access

Lower tiers of Delves are available while leveling, with higher tiers becoming accessible at level 80. This tiered approach ensures that players at various stages of progression can participate.

Delve Locations

The War Within expansion introduces four new zones, each containing multiple Delves:

Isle of Dorn:

  • Earthcrawl Mines
  • Kriegval’s Rest
  • Fungal Folly
  • Mycomancer Cavern


  • Skittering Breach
  • Nightfall Sanctum
  • The Sinkhole

The Ringing Deeps:

  • The Waterworks
  • The Dread Pit
  • Deepwalker Hold


  • The Spiral Weave
  • Rak-Rethan Abyss

Delve Rewards in the War Within

Treasure and Currency

Every Delve ends with treasure that includes currency, gold, cosmetics, and more. Resplendent Chests, which require Resplendent Keys to open, offer the best loot, comparable to dungeon and raid rewards.

Resplendent Keys

These keys are earned through Delves, outdoor gameplay, and weekly quests, and are used to open Resplendent Chests.

Gear and Cosmetics

Items from Delves scale with difficulty, capping at levels equivalent to Heroic Raid or Mythic +5 dungeon gear. The new currency, Resonant Crystals, can be used to purchase cosmetics and gear from Delves.

Customizable Mount

Delves also reward the Delver's Dirigible, a customizable flying mount with various adjustable components like decals, wings, thrusters, top pieces, and nose.

The Great Vault

The PvP row in The Great Vault will be replaced with a World option. Completing 3, 6, or 12 Delves or other World Activities will unlock World Slots in The Great Vault. The item levels from World gear in The Great Vault will scale with difficulty, reaching up to Heroic raid gear or Mythic 5 dungeon gear.


Delves system offers a new, dynamic, and engaging endgame content experience in The War Within expansion. With their seamless integration into the world, varied gameplay, and rich rewards, Delves are poised to become a beloved part of World of Warcraft's endgame landscape. Explore the new zones, embark on exciting adventures, and enjoy the diverse challenges and rewards that Delves bring to Azeroth

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