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Dragonflight 10.1.7 Guide

Dragonflight 10.1.7 – Fury Incarnate is the fourth medium patch for Dragonflight and is scheduled to come out on September 5th. There will be plenty of new content to tackle, and this guide is aimed to help you out with everything 10.1.7 offers.

Here are some things that Fury Incarnate adds into the game:

  1. Dawn of the Infinite Heroic Mode.
  2. New zone-wide event – Dreamsurges.
  3. Heritage Armor for Forsaken and Night Elves.
  4. Eastern Kingdoms dragonriding event.
  5. Updated Holidays.

On top of class balance tweaks and other changes, this makes for a very exciting patch. Now, allow us to go into more detail about each of the aforementioned changes and additions to the game.

Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon

With the release of 10.1.7 this new megadungeon will become available on Heroic difficulty, and will be split into two separate dungeons – Galakrond’s Fall and Murozond’s Rise, housing 4 bosses each. It is worth noting that Dawn of the Infinite will also become accessible via the Dungeon Finder tool on Heroic difficulty. Mythic difficulty isn’t going away, however, and will still be available for players who are looking for an even greater challenge.

Heroic Rewards from Dawn of the Infinite

In order to enter the heroic difficulty of this megadungeon via the Dungeon Finder, players would need their gear to match item level of at least 372. However, there are no ilvl barriers if you decide to enter the dungeon manually.

The reward for defeating bosses is Veteran gear with an item level of 402 that can be upgraded all the way up to 424. It will also be possible to transform all of this gear into gear sets via the Revival Catalyst.

To sum it all up:

  • minimum item level requirement for entering via the Dungeon Finder is 372;
  • rewards are item level 402 pieces of gear with upgrade path to 424;
  • it is possible to convert Heroic difficulty gear to tier set pieces via the Revival Catalyst;
  • there are no ilvl requirements for entering Heroic Dawn of the Infinite manually.

While all this gear talk might be exciting, what is there to do if you have already gotten much better gear? Well, do we have some news for you! Reins of the Quantum Courser – an item that grants a random mount absent from the player's collection now also drops from Chrono-Lord Deios on Heroic difficulty.

This means that you have a chance to get Quantum Courser every single day on Heroic difficulty. It is a much faster way to farm this mount as opposed to waiting a full week for a Mythic cooldown. What makes it even more convenient is the fact that you can start from the 5th boss immediately on Heroic instead of starting the whole dungeon from scratch like you normally would.


Another massive addition from Fury Incarnate patch is a new type of event – Dreamsurges. It will help players to catch up with new content, as well as provide them with new cosmetics, pets and mounts.

Focused on the Green Dragonflight, Dreamsurges will affect one of the zones of the Dragon Isles. This will happen each week. During Dreamsurges players will get access to new activities, quests, rare mobs that drop great loot, as well as Waking Dream portals.

  • Major Waking Dream portals open up every 30 minutes.
  • Minor Waking Dream portals can be found throughout the affected zone.

Major portals will require a ton of people to complete and drop raid-level gear as well as some other loot. Minor portals, on the other hand, don’t boast such great rewards. However, they can be cleared by much smaller groups and even individual players.

Dreamsurge Buffs

Another major gameplay feature of Dreamsurges is the addition of zone-wide buffs that will affect every player during the event. There is a big variety of said buffs, and they also change every 30 minutes. What makes it interesting is the fact that players themselves can affect which buff will be activated next by turning in a vote.

Rewards from Dreamsurges

On top of the aforementioned raid-level gear that can be obtained from Major Waking Dream portals during the event, players can collect new items and currencies – Dreamsurge Coalescence, Charred Elemental Remains and Dreamsurge Chrysalis. Coalescence is obtained from various activities, while Elemental Remains are obtained from event bosses and Major portals.

These new currencies can be spent on various cosmetic rewards as well as 402 and 415 ilvl gear, pets, toys, and even mounts. Here is a list of currently known 10.1.17 pets and mounts that can be purchased with Coalescence or obtained by other means.

  1. Pet: Cheddar – 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence.
  2. Pet: Crimson Swoglet – 250 Dreamsurge Coalescence.
  3. Mount: Renewed Magmammoth – 20 Charred Elemental Remains.
  4. Mount: Duskwing Ohuna – 1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence.

New Heritage Armor and Customization Options

With the release of 10.1.7, Night Elves and Undead characters will be able to obtain new sets of Heritage Armor.

There are also new customization options for both of these races. Night Elves will receive new facial markings and tattoos, while Undead characters can enjoy new skin colors. All players that have reached level 50 will be able to start a quest chain that awards a new Heritage Armor set.

Another race that will receive new customization options is Draenei. Follow Velen's prophecy to reveal a new future for some of the Draenei people and unlock Man’ari Eredar customization options in the process!

Eastern Kingdoms Cup

Takes place: October 4-17

One of the biggest additions to this new expansion has been Dragonriding. Many players have expressed their desire to use this new and cool mechanic outside of the Dragon Isles over the course of the expansion, and finally, the opportunity to do so has revealed itself!

Eastern Kingdoms Cup will only last 2 weeks in October. This means that there is a limited amount of time to enjoy these races, so don’t miss out!

Participate in the Eastern Kingdoms Cup and fly all across this legacy continent with your newfound dragon companion. Complete races and earn achievements in this limited time event. There are a total of 14 races to enjoy in Normal, Advanced and Reverse variations.

Updated Holidays

Many holidays will receive updated rewards in Fury Incarnate. The most notable updated holidays are Brewfest, Day of the Dead, Hallow's End, and Pirate's Day. There are also new achievements for each of the holidays. Hallow’s End in particular will see a rework for one of its encounters – Headless Horseman.

As you can see there are many new activities and rewards to dive straight into. If you want to get your hands on some of the items, mounts, pets, toys, or cosmetics from patch 10.1.7, but don’t have enough time - we’ve got you covered. You can purchase anything mentioned earlier for your account without any stress - right here.

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