How Xur Works in Destiny 2 Final Shape

With the release of the Final Shape expansion on June 4th, a lot of in-game systems got changed, including several vendors. One of them was Xur - our favorite paracausal vendor. Xur has been a staple of the Destiny franchise since the very beginning, and always provided a chance to catch up on Guardians’ exotics collection, gear and weapons. In the Final Shape, Xur operates on the same basis as other major vendors: he has a reputation system with a rewards track and his own currency. The assortment of items he sells also got wider. Let’s take a closer look at how it all works in our Xur rework guide.

Where is Xur?

Previously, Xur’s location for the weekend changed every Friday reset. He could appear at the Tower, on Nessus and at the EDZ.

Nowadays he will always appear at the Tower. Head to the Bazaar (where Ikora is) and turn right before the Ramen Shop. Turn another corner and you will find Xur.

Xur Reward Track

Just like other major vendors, Xur now has a reward track which you can progress by gaining Reputation points. On the reward track you can find:

  • Engrams with random legendary loot for every major rank;
  • 7 Enhancement Cores at Rank 4;
  • 3 Enhancement Prisms at Rank 7;
  • 2 Exotic Engrams at Rank 10;
  • Ascendant Shard at Rank 13;
  • Ascendant Alloy at Rank 16;
  • Exotic Cipher at Rank reset.

Xur’s rank can be reset after completing Rank 16, which will provide access to additional rewards.

Strange Coins and How to Obtain Them

Since Legendary Shards were taken out of the game in the Final Shape, Xur needed a new form of payment. This comes in the form of Strange Coins.

Everything Xur sells is purchased using Strange Coins. You can acquire Strange Coins by completing Ritual activities:

  1. Vanguard
    • This includes Strikes, Nightfalls, and Onslaught.
  2. Crucible
    • This includes Control, Competitive, Labs, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner.
  3. Gambit.

The number of coins you’d get for completing said activities varies. For example:

  • Strikes award 4 Coins;
  • Nightfalls award 5 Coins;
  • 10 waves of Onslaught award 2 Coins per chest
    • The 50 wave Onslaught awards more Coins as you go.
  • Gambit and Crucible award 3 Coins per win and 2 Coins per loss.

You can also check out our Strange Coin farming service to let professional players farm the Coins for you!

What’s Xur Selling?

In the Final Shape, Xur’s assortment of goods got a lot wider. Where previously we could expect one exotic weapon (not including Hawkmoon), three exotic armor pieces and some legendary gear, nowadays Xur’s offers are much wider. There are several new sections with different pieces of armor and weapons, materials and currencies.

Multivarious Strange Offers

There is a new section in Xur’s shop called Multivarious Strange Offers. Within this category players will be able to find following goods:

  • Exotic catalysts;
  • Exotic armor;
  • Ritual, Gunsmith or Legendary engrams;
  • Artifice armor pieces;
  • Upgrade Modules;
  • Raid Banners;
  • Nightfall Ciphers;
  • and more!

It seems that the possibilities are endless with Xur, so we might not even know the full extent of what we can expect to find in this category. Be sure to check in every weekend and maybe you will find something neat!

More Strange Offers

This section of Xur’s shop has several subcategories.

The Strange Material Offers contains various resources in varying quantities. Here you can find:

  • Glimmer;
  • Enhancement Cores;
  • Enhancement Prisms;
  • Ascendant Shards;
  • Ascendant Alloys.

It’s pretty safe to assume that we can expect to find other currencies and materials under this subsection, so it is worth checking out every weekend.

The next subcategory is called Strange Repeatable Offers and contains an item called Strange Gift. You can spend 1 Strange Coin and get a random piece of loot. These include but are not limited to:

  • Rare armor;
  • Legendary weapons;
  • Raid Banners;
  • Enhancement Cores;
  • Upgrade Modules.

This seems like a fun little lottery to spend some leftover Strange Coins you might have after making bigger purchases.

Strange Gear Offers

The final section of Xur’s paracausal storefront includes three more subsections. These are:

  1. Exotic Gear
    • Here you can find Exotic Engrams, a random Hawkmoon roll and three more exotic weapons;
  2. Legendary Weapons
    • This section contains Legendary weapons. You can also buy a Strange Weapon Engram for a smaller price to get a random Legendary weapon;
  3. Legendary Armor
    • Here you can buy a set of Legendary armor for your class, along with a Strange Engram with other Legendary gear.

Favor of the Nine

As any good shopkeeper, Xur has introduced a loyalty program called Favor of the Nine. These can be found in the More Strange Offers section. In order to get a Favor, you would need to spend 47 Strange Coins at Xur. 

Once obtained, you will get a buff called Strange Favor which gives you a chance to obtain additional Strange Coins from Ritual activities. This buff lasts for 11 days and can stack up to 3 times, increasing the bonus. You can only purchase one Favor of the Nine per week, but getting more Favors refreshes the duration of the buff.

In Conclusion

Where previously Xur used to be a glorified catch up mechanic within the game, this new iteration definitely seems more interesting and useful even to veteran players. With the ability to purchase not only Legendary and exotic gear, but also catalysts, currencies and materials, you should definitely be checking out Xur’s stock each weekend to top up your upgrade materials, Raid Banners or even do a bit of gambling on Strange Gifts!

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