Class Mount
    Earn your unique mount suitable only for your class
    Allied races access
    ETA: 7 days
    Profession Leveling
    We can spend our time to level up your profession skills!
    The Deaths of Chromie
    Unique Artifact Skin, 2 battle pets and "Timelord" title
    Nethershards farm
    Gain any amount of Nethershards, new legion currency!
    Mage Tower Challenge, Artifact Skin Carry
    Gain perfect WoW Mage Tower Challenge Artifact appearance!
    Order Resources farm
    If you tired to farm Order Resources!
    You're Really Doing It Wrong Achievement
    May be you are doing it right? We'll do it wrong for you!
    Proving Yourself: Endless Tank
    Earn "The Proven Defender" title!
    Proving Yourself: Endless Damage
    Earn "the Proven Assailant" title
    Proving Yourself: Endless Healer
    "The Proven Healer" title
    Legion Archeology Achievements Pack
    We'll dig for you these achievements!
    Draenor Archeology Achievements Pack
    Bored of digging? We'll do it for you!
    Pandaria Archeology Achievements Pack
    Acquire tones of achievement points, titles and rares with our Pandaria archaeology pack!
    Good Suramartian Achievement
    Acquire story line achievement with Nightfallen people!
    Bloody Coins
    Title: " ... Fire-Watcher" and Ashhide Mushan Beast Mount
    Character Leveling
    Want more characters? Enjoy our swift leveling service!
    Pandaria Reputation
    Get exalted rep with Boosthive!
    Boost reputation with one of the factions in Cataclysm!
    Rise up your WotLK reputation with the fastest service ever!
    The Burning Crusade reputation
    A clean reputation boost
    Boost reputation with one of the factions in Classic WoW!
    Legion Reputation
    Boost reputation with one of the factions in Legion expansion
    Legion World Quests
    Our team is ready to help you with the routine!
    Class Hall Campaign
    What will I get? - Class Hall Campaign  Complete whole class campaign that rpovides you to one step clother to your class mount questline and grants your an artifact skin - Achievement  "A Glorious