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D2 PvE Boost

D2 PvE services that we offer, here at Boosthive, are nothing new, yet provide a fresh perspective on your gameplay and the game itself. Experienced team of players with great communication and teamwork, along with vast knowledge of the game, at your side, doing as you commanded. It sounds like a D2 PvE dream. However, not only it's not a dream, but it rapidly turns reality into happiness as the player realizes he's finally able to achieve anything they want.

D2 PvE boost has seen its rise recently, from „that might help“ to „Oh, I need that“.

As it's with any other game, as the expansions start coming in, they add immensely to the lore and the amount of content. And with more and more new content, it is only natural to feel like you need more time to do everything you want in the game. It makes you feel like you want someone to just carry you in D2 PvE, at least through some of the content so that you can focus on the parts you actually like and enjoy.


This is precisely why Boosthive offers so many D2 PvE services to anyone playing the game. It offers faster content clearing, more loot than you could farm for yourself, and it changes seemingly impossible content into minor bumps on the road. Watching other people and their Clans clear top tier content only to drool and imagine yourself in their spot makes no sense anymore. Why waste time on such things when you can simply buy D2 PvE boost and let Boosthive top teams carry you through D2 PvE content?


Wanting a D2 PvE boost doesn't have to be about a lack of skill and whether you could clear the certain content or not. It can simply be about you, as a player, not having enough time to go through everything the game has to offer. Not without sacrificing either your real-life duties or in-game ones. In the end, asking for help makes sense and asking for professional, proven help is even better. Boosthive is here, ready to guide you through, providing D2 PvE services that will carry you to your desired destination.


It's time to stop looking from the outside and start taking charge of your D2. Choose better gameplay, less stress and more fun, better results and a higher chance of success.

Choose Boosthive's D2 PvE boost and launch yourself into a whole new world of wonder.




Are there any requirements I must have before I can order your D2 PvE carry?

Depending on the PvE service you want, there are several, possible requirements:


  • Having appropriate Expansion  Minimum Character level
  • Minimum Power level  Season Pass
  • Account sharing (Selfplay mode possible, contact support for more information)

Please be advised, the details on any of the potential requirements are available with our live support team. Make sure you pass along all your wants and needs so that you can both come to an agreement that feels optimal for you.


Can I order more than one PvE boost service?

Of course!

Pass along any and every goal you might have to our support team and we'll come up with a perfect plan for you.


Is there any ETA on your PvE boost services?


While it would be unwise from us to say how long a certain service will take, you can check all of them individually and see their approximate ETA on those pages.


Do you use any 3rd party programs?


We refrain ourselves from them, which means we do NOT use any 3rd party programs.

All boost services are done manually, either using Pilot or Selfplay mode.

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We only use safe and time-proven methods

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