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Buy Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons & Ritual guns

The Destiny 2 ritual weapons boost is the new name for what used to be called pinnacle weapons. They are rear, ultra-powerful, and have unique perks, making them insanely overpowered. Of course, they are hard to get therefore the fastest way to do so is to buy Pinnacle weapon boost and allow professional players to help you. The pinnacle weapons carry is a great service allowing you to save your time and get your D2 character to a new competitive edge.

Which Pinnacle weapons can I purchase?

Top pinnacle weapons include the great variety of unique and overpowered guns that our professional boosters can help you to acquire. There are some legendary pinnacle weapons that can boost your character strength dramatically, such as the Wendigo GL3 - the most powerful grenade launcher of Destiny 2. Other top D2 pinnacle guns include the following items:

  1. Wendigo GL3;
  2. Recluse;
  3. 21% Delirium;
  4. Revoker;
  5. Hush;
  6. The Mountaintop;
  7. Not Forgotten;
  8. Breakneck;
  9. Loaded Question;
  10. Oxygen SR3.

Boosthive hardcore players can carry your character into receiving any of these top pinnacle guns. In addition with the release of the new season, the name “pinnacle guns” has been replaced with the Ritual guns. The notion, however, had remained the same, they are the most elite and powerful weapons of the game. If you would like to buy ritual guns boost and can’t find the specific one on our website, you should ask one of our managers in the support chat. They can help you create a custom order so that you get exactly the weapon you want.

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