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Legendary & God Roll Weapons

Looking to buy a perfect Destiny 2 God Roll Weapon? Tired of getting hundreds of worthless guns with the wrong perk for your class and play style? Nothing to worry about, Boosthive professional boosters are here to help you out once again! Just tell us the perk you need, name that perfectly rolled gun you are dreaming about, and let us take care of the rest. We will farm out as many guns as needed to get you that awesome effective God Rolled killing machine!

What is a “God Roll” weapon in Destiny 2?

Random perk rolls on weapons added in Destiny 2: Forsaken opened the possibility of getting the unique and overpowered weapons. Each weapon drop is now an exciting and thrilling moment because it might be potentially the best piece of loot that has ever dropped. Obtaining a great legendary weapon is just half of the task today. You need to get that perfect “God Roll” perk maximizing the efficiency and stats on that gun and making it specifically overpowered for some situation.

Be aware that getting a Godroll gun is no easy task. The RNG mechanic makes it extremely rare. At times it requires x100 drops to get and if you are lucky enough it can turn the first dropped item to be exquisitely powerful. Additionally not every “God Roll” is a good one! Each guardian should study the game and understand the mechanics of the class to know what perks are good and what is rubbish. Additionally, efficient PvE Godrolled weapons can be proven useless in PvP battles and vice versa.

Still don’t know what perk you need to pawn your opponents and dominate the PvE content? Ask our manager in the chat, they will gladly assist you in finding the perfect God Rolled weapon and a booster that will get it for you in the fastest time possible.


How does a random roll system work?

It is crucial for every guardian to get the most efficient weapon. But the effectiveness of some guns depends on stats it got, randomly rolled perk, PvP or PvE use and of course the playstyle of the gamer. There are 3 main types of loot drop in Destiny 2:

  • Static Rolls - The dropped gun will always have the same perk, every time you loot it.
  • Random Rolls - The gun will have a random perk chosen from the list of possible perks.
  • Curated Rolls - A masterwork version of the randomly rolled weapon. The perks of such weapon work ideally together making them a “God Roll” drop.

Therefore when buying the Destiny 2 Godroll gun, you are aiming at the Curated Roll with the best possible combination of stats and perks for the most effective gaming experience.

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