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D2 Gear and Armor

Not every Destiny 2 Armor sets can be bought from the in-game Vendor. Some unique legendary and top-level D2 gear has to be obtained from a variety of hardcore sources. To get them players have to spend hours developing the necessary skills and acquiring excessive game knowledge. But with our Destiny 2 Armor boost, you can forget about that stress and simply buy D2 gear of your liking. We provide gear boosting services for most of the Raid Tier armor sets. Feel free to browse through the offers, and chose the Destiny 2 gear boost of your desire.

How can I buy Destiny 2 Armor sets?

You can buy the most powerful Destiny 2 Armor here, at the Boosthive store. After selecting the armor set you want and placing the order our boosting team will come into play. Different types of armor can be obtained from such sources as raids, events, or specific activities. Our pro players know exactly how to get the most prestigious and rarest D2 gear for your character. The length of the service will depend on the complexity of the boost. You can check the exact timings inside the desired product. Don’t wait and get the armor you always wanted today!


Will Destiny 2 Gear boost my character?

New Destiny 2 armor introduced every 3-4 months with the release of new seasons. This gear is usually much better, has specific perks, and overall more powerful that the armor from the previous season. Taking this into account, we can say that gear and armor play a very important role in Destiny 2. The whole gameplay depends on the armor set you got. Gering process takes long hours, which makes it very hard, especially for beginners. That is why our professional gearing services can become a very handy tool in your adventure.


With the top Destiny 2 armor equipped you can crush your enemies and outperform other less geared up players. We are not saying that skill is not important, but the good and well-equipped players will definitely have a better competitive advantage. Additionally, if you bought one of our D2 armor boosting services in the previous season you will have an easier gearing process in the next one. So the answer is, yes top Destiny 2 armor can boost your character strength!

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