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D2 weapon boost seems destined to stay on the very top of our customer shopping lists. Whether you just started and need to gear up or just need that extra push so that you can kick even more ass, a good weapon can and will carry you in D2. It's the backbone of your character, the very essence of the game, an ultimate priority for any player. This indeed is the reason why so many of our customers keep buying Boosthive's D2 weapon service.

Buying D2 weapons online isn't exactly a new thing. But offering it in a competent, experienced manner is a whole different ball game. Our skilled team has been playing since the very start, making them highly proficient in every aspect of the game and weapon boost in D2 is no different. No matter what weapon you're after, even a specific one, Boosthive will acquire it for you with haste.


Before you buy D2 guns, you should know there are three main categories of weapons in D2: Kinetic, Elemental, and Power. Each contains a long list of weapons, all with their attributes and bonuses to damage. To defeat what's in front of you and save the Earth, you'll need all the help you can get. But there is often no time for grinding better gear, whether it's due to real-life chores or simply wanting to play different parts of the game. This is the reason why so many customers decide to buy D2 weapons.


With the changed character progress method, that was introduced with an expansion in late 2019, power became the main focus. Better equipment means easier progress and a better weapon can make your life a whole lot easier, making it the number one priority upgrade in the game. Boosthive's D2 weapon service is the key difference with which turns your game from hard, tedious content to „easy life“ progress.


Buying D2 weapons online will not only make you more happy with the game in general but will also make you more competitive. Your allies will cherish the thought of you in their team, while your enemies tremble to hear your name. With Boosthive at your side, you can quickly rise through the ranks, establishing yourself as a household name among your peers. Whether it's defending Earth or showing other players what you're made from, buying D2 weapons will undoubtedly be the turning point of your D2 career.


Don't let luck and chance dictate the way you play the game you like so much. You should have fun, enjoy all the game has to offer, using your free time to the fullest. So resist the urge to give up, thinking you'll never get what you want. Open your eyes and see that you can simply buy D2 weapon boost and solve all your problems with one click of a button.


Give Boosthive your vote of confidence and we'll show you your true power that comes with it.




Can I buy D2 weapons only on PC?

No, our services include PC, PS4 and Xbox. Everyone's welcome!


What are the requirements for D2 weapon boost on Boosthive?

  • Appropriate expansion, depending on the weapon
  • Account sharing (We NEVER ask about your security question)


For any other, potential details, please share them with our support team.


How long does it take for me to get the weapon, once I order?

That depends on the weapon you want to get.

While some are more easy to get, taking only a few hours, some can take days, even weeks.

The best way to have more precise information is to check our services and see the ETA there.


This is all done manually, no 3rd party programs, right?


We do NOT use any 3rd party programs and all services are done using Account sharing or Selfplay method. Make sure to ask our live support team in regards to any potential questions you might have on the subject.

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We only use safe and time-proven methods

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