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Destiny 2 Triumph Seals

Buying Destiny 2 Triumphs can save you numerous hours of hard trying challenges and completing endless lore events to unlock that D2 Title. Boosting your Triumph score can be a hard task especially if you are a solo player who just wants to get that awesome title above your head and show it off to other players. Luckily we have a great solution for you our team can do any of Triumphs Seals boost fast and smooth, or provide any Title carry for you with a selfplay option. You better hurry as some titles are season specific and will never be available again!

Destiny 2 Triumph Seals

The Triumphs Seals in Destiny 2, is a recently updated system that combined Grimoire with the Triumph books. The new system became a clearer version of the previous one and much more user friendly. The system is based on the character’s Triumph Score, which can be boosted in several ways.


The first one is the collectibles. They can be gathered in the new destinations, therefore, increasing your Triumph Score and expanding the overall lore of the Destiny 2 World. The second way is of course your achievements and accomplishments.


The Guardian hero must be worthy of his title therefore this way of getting Triumphs is a hard one. Some of the most iconic D2 Triumphs boosts include unlocking every subclass of your character or completing all story missions on heroic difficulty. More complicated Triumphs carry challenge title-seeking guardians to complete some achievement or an extremely hard task. Like scoring a multi-kill with some additional conditions or blocking out a precise number of motes for the opposing team in Gambit mode.


The ultimate purpose of the D2 Triumphs is to boost your Score and finally earn the Triumph Seal, that unlocks the desired title.


What titles can I get in Destiny 2?


With hundreds of different Triumphs leading to the unlocking of the specific Seals, Destiny 2 offers a wide range of titles to commemorate your worthy accomplishments. The Triumph Seal system is new to the Destiny 2, however it is logically divided into the several major categories:

  • Crucible Triumphs;
  • Gambit Triumphs;
  • Shadow Rises Triumphs;
  • Black Armory Triumphs;
  • Destinations Triumphs;
  • Lore Triumphs;
  • Moments of Triumph:
    • MMXIX;
    • Raids;
    • Reckoner;
    • Dreaming City.

Completing objectives and earning the Triumph Points allows guardians to achieve the Seal and therefore unlock the Title. The title can be optionally displayed above the character head during the gameplay, making anyone aware of the great skill and power of your character.


Buying the Triumph Seal carry service from our professional boosters will help you to fast forward difficult challenges and avoid spending an unnecessary amount of time for each Seal. Our pro players will guide you and join your team to get you that exact Triumph Seal Title you have always dreamt about!

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