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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes

Solstice of Heroes in Destiny 2 is the yearly summer event focused on glorifying the accomplishments of all Guardians in the D2 universe. Any player gets a chance to participate in this activity to earn some unique Majestic armor sets, rare legendary weapons, SoH emblems, and Solstice Packages will with some awesome loot and. This is quite a time-consuming event, therefore you might want to ask for Boosthive’s carry team’s help if you do not intend to grind daily.

What Is Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes Event?

Solstice of Heroes is a celebratory event for those Guardians who defended the Lost City. It is the iconic yearly activity that is free for everyone to join. All players of Destiny 2 can participate and earn rewards such as legendary weapons, armor sets, and some awesome-looking cosmetics.

The main activities of Solstice of Heroes rotate around defeating bosses and unlocking the event cashes. Although it sounds pretty straightforward there are also class-specific cosmetic armor set upgrades that require guardians to complete activities of the highest difficulty. But there is nothing to worry about as our professional boosters ready to help you with any of these activities. Instead of looking for a Solstice of Heroes guide, you might want to check some of our products and enjoy a stress-free obtainment of all the event rewards.

Start and End Dates of D2: Solstice of Heroes 

The Solstice of Heroes event is held every year on the same dates and therefore it is easy to predict the upcoming one and prepare for it by allocating some additional D2 gaming time.

The exact date of SoH events is:

  • July 19 - Start of Solstice of Heroes;
  • August 9 - End of Solstice of Heroes.

As you can see you have about a month to complete all the required activities and get every cosmetic for your class. The hardest part is getting your armor to glow up with a nice white shine it might take you a while if you decide to grind it yourself. Check out all the SoH rewards in our next section.

Solstice of Heroes 2022 Rewards and Cosmetics

The main reason to farm daily activities in the Solstice of Heroes event is the class-specific cosmetic armor sets that can be upgraded to the Majestic level with a unique glow to them. This is a cool way to show off among other Guardians. But these are not the only loot you can get from this pretty fun event.

Some of the SoH 2022 rewards include:

  • Compass Rose Shotgun;
  • Something New hand cannon;
  • Solstice of Heroes 2022 Armor Set;
  • Exotic Ghost Shell;
  • Solstice Packages;
  • Emblems.

There are some other unique rewards unlockable during this event, however, it would be quite a long list to mention all of them here. You can always get more information about rewards or a particular Solstice of Heroes service from our 24/7 available support managers.

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