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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

The new D2 Season of the Splicer is a long-awaited update to the 4th year of the Destiny 2 game. Also known as Season 14 SotS will add some new exciting things in both PvP and PvE activities whilst bringing it an insane amount of new weapons, armor sets, transmogrification, and loot! Buying Season of the Splicer boosting services will allow Guardians to get all of those rewards before the other players, therefore gaining an impressive combat advantage.

Season of the Splicer carries

New Season always brings lots of new things and SotS is not an exception. With a lot of new content, loot and even transmogrification Season 14 is yet one of the most content-packed expansions of Destiny 2. Therefore it would require players to farm more items, complete more missions and grind PvP activities to accomplish all the triumphs and loot the best Splice gear. And what if you have not so much time for all of that? No time - no worries, with professional Season of the Splicer boosting services from the Boosthive team.

With our SotS carries players can buy the following:

  • fast and cheap SotS boosts and carry services;
  • professional Season of the Splicer exotic farming;
  • new Season of the Splicer weapons and catalysts;
  • Way of the Splicer - Override & Expunge activities;
  • S14 Armor Synthesis (transmogrification) unlock;
  • Vault of Glass raid boost;
  • new Season 14 Armaments & Legendaries;
  • PvP carries by a pro fireteam.

All of the above SotS services will be available from the first day of the season release and let's not forget about the Season Pass. Grinding XP to get awesome rewards and gear to boost your power level has never been easiest with the professional carry team behind your back.

Still thinking of buying something particular in Season 14 but can’t find it in our store. No problem! Reach out to one of our 24/7 available support managers and they will be there to answer any question, provide you with the full information about new items, boosts and carry services in the new season and definitely get you one of the cheapest prices on the market.

What is new in Season of the Splicer?

The new Season 14 of Destiny 2game updates brings a lot according to the official Season of the Splicer roadmap. As it is already the third season of the game’s 4th year the developers had to invent something intriguing to keep the Guardians entertained and wanting more D2 in their daily routines. And they definitely delivered something awesome.

Season of the Splicer has the following novelties and boosting opportunities.

  1. New H.E.L.M table upgrades for the unlocked Splicer tech.
  2. Armor Synthesis a free to all players D2 gear transmogrification system.
  3. New Statis Aspect quests are available only to Beyond Light owners.
  4. New Exotic weapon: Stasis sidearm Cryosthesia 77k unlocked with Season Pass.
  5. New 6-player PvP activity “Override” taking place in Europe & Moon.
  6. New battle pass 100 tier rewards.
  7. Season of the Splicer Universal Ornaments.
  8. New Power level cap and new exotic weapon to earn.
  9. Vault of Glass raid launch on May 22.
  10. Raid Conquest Mod for Guardians seeking to get a World First finish.
  11. Iron Banner missions, Crucible, and other refreshed PvP activities.
  12. Solstice of Heroes and more awesome unlockable content.

All-new Season 4 activities are available for professional boosting right here at Boosthive. Whether you would like to loot a new exotic weapon or complete all 100 levels of Season Pass to unlock rewards, we can do that for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Purchase Season of the Splicer carry services and never get to boring grind again, enjoy your game the way you want it, not the way you are forced to!

New in Season of the Splicer boosting?

Every new season brings lots of interesting yet unknown content which can overwhelm regular players and Season 14 is not an exception. As we have seen above there are new events, new rewards and 100 levels of a Season pass to be grinded through, just to start your journey in the Splicer-themed adventures. But it all becomes much simpler if you opt to have one of the Season 14 boosting services that we offer for sale here.

With Boosthive D2 SotS carries you can do the following:

  • powerlevel your guardian in Season of the Splicer;
  • farm new Seasonal Exotics with awesome perks and firepowers;
  • unlock new trials and missions;
  • complete Secret Season of the Splicer questlines;
  • get the SotS Vault of Glass Raid and Dungeon Carries;
  • complete grinding mission to acquire new exotic catalysts;
  • boost your exotic weapons and armor collection;
  • upgrade your Season Pass.

Like all other seasons, the S14 follows the same pattern. Your characters get secretly nerfed and have to farm new gear, new levels to regain the ultimate power back. However, playing with the top power level is much more fun rather than climbing it up for weeks. And that is exactly what we are talking about here.

Buying the S14 boosting in Destiny 2 allows players to save time while still be competitive with the high power level hardcore players. This is the core advantage of our professional carry service, we value your time and can customize our products to your liking. To do so, please chat with our manager and tell them what you like to boost in the new Season of the Splicer.

How to buy Season of the Splicer boosts

Our sale process of Season 14 carry services is as straightforward and easy as it can be. With just a couple of clicks, you can get a new exotic or any other boost that you plan to have in SotS. Just follow this easy-to-grasp plan and you will get boosted in no time.

Boosthive’s fast SotS carry purchase guide.

  1. Pick the Season of the Splicer boost or coaching product.
  2. Select the required carry options.
  3. Proceed to the checkout page to place the order.
  4. Our manager will immediately contact you to organize the boost.
  5. Enjoy your relaxed and quick SotS carry by our pro fireteam.
  6. Get rewards and play Destiny 2 as you always wanted to.

In case you encounter any difficulties with purchasing the Destiny 2 SotS carries, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are a client-oriented business and will do our best to help you achieve your goals in any game of your liking.

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