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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris

You may ask, why buying Trials of Osiris boost is so popular? Because this unique Destiny 2 PvP Pinnacle can be intensively challenging at times. Fighting your opponents with an unskilled team can bring down your morale and there is nothing worse than playing your favorite game without a great competitive spirit! That is why our professional high-skilled team is ready to carry you through the Trials of Osiris with a 7-0 streak! Get the maximum amount of Trials Tokens and farm as many wins as needed in a fast and stress-free manner.

Did Trials of Osiris change in Destiny 2?

The whole concept of this player versus player pinnacle event was migrated into D2 from the first part of the game. The Trials of Osiris idea is simple. It is a competitive mode where two opposing teams are fighting each other in the elimination PvP battle. Each team has 3 players and lives are limited. Therefore loosing (elimination of your full team) for 3 consecutive times will lead to the loss and the win of your opponents. This competition event launches every Friday after the server reset and continues through the weekend until the Monday reset.


The win, on the contrary, is when your team is whipping out all 3 enemy players or captures a special zone that spawns in the missile of the map. The whole event consists of a number of 2-minutes rounds and the overall victory is calculated on 3 out of 5 bases. As you can see apart from new settings and the upgraded gear Trials of Osiris did not change that much compared to Destiny 1.


The main change is in Trial Passage acquisition. In Destiny 2, they are acquired from Saint-14 in the hangar of the Tower. There is a power limit that should be taken into consideration. After successful completion of the event, as well as bounties players get Trials Tokens that can be then exchanged for the ultimate rewards.


Why would one buy the Trials of Osiris boost?

To get the loot of course! Getting the Trials of Osiris carry allows you to skip the lengthy win farming process, get as many Trial tokens as you need, and do it in a stress-free, relaxed way. We can assure you that our professional boosters are so high-skilled that your opponents will not even notice their own elimination. Apart from tokens and wins, you can get a “Flawless Seal” that will award you with a unique title.


The tokes can be exchanged for some high-end rewards at the vendor. There are series of specific weapons that can be obtained in the Trials of Osiris and the new armor set, added in the last Season. Overall it is a very rewarding event and a total must-have for a competitive Destiny 2 player.


If, however, you are looking for some kind of a more tailored Trials of Osiris boost, you can always chat with one of our managers and they will create a custom order for you. That way you can have exactly the carry service you want and additionally get a discount!

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