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D2 Gambit

Destiny 2 Gambit boosting service allows you to increase your PvP standing by earning more Infamy rating, therefore participating in more interesting and challenging matches with better teammates. D2 Gambits were introduced back in the Forsaken expansion and lately improved by a gambit prime system. Any aambit event consists of PvP and PvE activities combination. Buying Destiny 2 Gambit will get you the desired number of wins and some great rewards.

Destiny 2 Gambit prime boosting service

Gambit Prime is a new approach to the older D2 Gambit system. It introduces more strategy and excitement into the regular gambit format. By wearing special armor pieces player gets role points that will eventually activate and upgrade set of bonus perks. There are 4 new roles that you can play in gambit prime matches:

  • Invader – Lethal assassin: killing off the opponents to steal their motes;
  • Sentry – Impassable wall: counter invading enemy forces to protect your bank.
  • Reaper – Scythe of destruction: PvE oriented role, focused on clearing waves and eliminate larger enemies;
  • Collector – Commander of the dark: responsible for gathering all the motes and sending blockers.

Wins in such gambit prime battles grant you Infamy rank points. Boosthive’s professional carries can either get you desired numbers of Wins or boost your overall rank standing.


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