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Powerleveling is the core ingredient of Destiny 2 gameplay. It allows you to climb to the top rankings faster, increase your stats and loot some exceptional high-level gear and weapons. Powerlevel in D2 is less dependent on experience grind and more oriented towards gearing up and reaching the “soft” and “hard” PL caps.

How does Destiny 2 Powerlevel work?

The ever-growing numbers of Destiny 2 Power Level are not a simple character development mechanic. Known before as the Light Level in the first game Powerlevel in D2 is a clever way to gate content making Guardians farm our specific activities to unlock more challenging and fruitfully rewarding missions.

Although D2 is heavily gated by your PL number it also acts as a character booster. The higher your power level is the more damage your Guardian can sustain and even more to put out. Such power increase together with some good gear opens up endless opportunities to unlock new hardcore missions, be that Strikes, Trials, Dungeons, or Raids.

So, what is the Destiny 2 Power Level number? Basically, it combines the following:

  • primary weapon;
  • secondary weapon;
  • heavy weapon;
  • head armor;
  • arm armor;
  • torso armor;
  • leg armor;
  • class item.

In addition, PL can be boosted with the help of Seasonal Artefact which can help you to achieve the base “soft” cap. But don’t be too happy whilst the real fun just yet to begin!

D2 Powerlevel Soft & Hard Caps

As we have mentioned earlier there is a powerlevel “soft cap” and a “hard cap” that players are destined to reach while playing every new season of the game. These caps are being increased with every major update and currently stand at the following values.

  1. The season of the Chosen "Soft" Power Level cap is 1250.
  2. "Hard" Cap of Power Level in Season of the Chosen is 1300.

Although it sounds high players should keep in mind that the starting point has been also risen up to the level of 1100. Therefore it is only 200 powerlevel below the hard cap which can be easily boosted by completion or ordering such Destiny PvE activities as:

  • rush trough x3 Nightfall strikes;
  • earn Clan Engrams;
  • complete the Flashpoint;
  • get into Nightmare Hunts;
  • finish the weekly Story Mission.

These activities will easily help you to reach the desired hard cap of Powerlevel for your Guardian in no time. However, if you are still struggling with any of these events and missions feel free to contact our managers and they will gladly find some nice professional fireteam to guide, coach, and assist you with any of your needs.

How to get over Powerlevel Hard ĐĄap in D2?

With the 1300 Light you are already a well-geared player but there is always room for improvements. In order to carry your character further and achieve even more results in competitive PvE activities such as raids and strikes, you would have to work a little harder and increase your D2 powerlevel to 1310 with the help of Pinnacle gear.

In order to score the highest Light level in Destiny 2 players would have to perform the following tasks:

  • complete PvE dungeons;
  • score 100k points in a Nightfall: The Ordeal strike;
  • complete the raids like Garden of Salvation & Deep Stone Crypt;
  • complete Iron Banner bounties;
  • Nightmare Hunts (Master difficulty);
  • complete weekly PvE activity playlists.

Our team of pro D2 players can help you achieve any power level in the shortest time possible. To do so you can browse through the offers we have here at Boosthive and select the ones suiting your needs. If you still have any questions about Power Levell requirements for any of the Destiny 2 missions or activities do not hesitate to ask our managers.

How long does the power leveling take?

Honestly, it all depends on which service you buy. Some take several hours, while others take several days. It's a vast game, with lots of content, most of which isn't easy to get as quickly as one might want. However, you can be assured our expert team knows all the tricks so that they may finish your order as soon as possible.

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