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D2 PvE Services

D2 power leveling is a service that has been bought many times by our customers. And with good reason. Whether you're a new player or simply haven't been playing lately and need to catch up, Boosthive's D2 leveling service solves all your needs and wants. You are now able to skip the boring parts of the game and jump right into the action. Forget the grind, playing without joy, waiting to get to the fun parts. Now, you can purchase D2 power-leveling service that adds joy to every gaming moment.

D2 level boost makes sense for most players. Even with the release of Shadowkeep and the new, more efficient, way of character progress, it is not easy to get where you want to in terms of power. Acquiring items, completing activities to earn better rewards and ultimately clearing the hardest content in the game so that you can get the highest possible rewards. Let's be honest, not everyone can do all of it. This is where our D2 level boosting comes into play.


We have teams of expert, professional gamers who power leveled numerous customers in their past. Their vast experience and game knowledge makes D2 leveling feel like a refreshing summer breeze. Why should you have to wait and play what you don't like just to get to the point where you actually enjoy the game? Is there any valid reason why you should accept such a reality? We don't agree with that and that's why Boosthive decided to open it's level boosting services to the public.


What can you get if you buy D2 power leveling:

  • Subclass unlocking
  • Artifact boost
  • Campaign (Old and New) boost
  • Boost to 960+

These and much more, Boosthive made it all available to every D2 player out there.

At the end of the day, we can see the clear benefits of D2 level boost service. It removes the need for boring parts of the game while making them easy to go through and it makes you able to see the content that might have been unreachable so far.


Make sure to check all the D2 offers we have, choose the ones that are important to you and our adept team of experts will power you through some of the hardest content in the game.


So if you want a customizable level boost for D2 with a guaranteed success rate, Boosthive is your solution.




Can I buy a level boost on PC only or do you do consoles as well?

We boost on all platforms: PC, PS4 or Xbox.


Do I have to have anything special to be able to buy your D2 leveling boost?

Depending on the boost you want, you may need to have the appropriate D2 expansion. Also, you may have to share your account information (only user and pass, as we NEVER ask anything regarding your security question, therefor leaving the account security in your hands) If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask our live support.


How long does the leveling boost take?

Honestly, it all depends on which service you buy. Some take several hours, while others take several days. It's a vast game, with lots of content, most of which isn't easy to get as quickly as one might want. However, you can be assured our expert team knows all the tricks so that they may finish your order as soon as possible.


Do you use any 3rd party programs?

No, we never use any 3rd party programs. All boosts are done manually. More information available with our live support team.

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