Apex Legends Rating

You may wonder what is Apex Legends rating and why it is so important to grind it up to maxed cap? Rating is the key element of Apex Legends' Rank System that allows players to earn cosmetic rewards and RP based on their standing. As you may have guessed - Master and Apex Predator ranks are the top ones that offer the best rewards.

Ranked Games in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is pretty fun and competitive game to play and most of this excitement is concentrated heavily around the ranked game modes. There are 2 official ranked options for all players who wish to complete and earn some rewards in every new upcoming season.

  1. Apex Ranked Leagues for Battle Royale.
  2. Apex Ranked Arenas for actual Arena battles.

Both of these game-modes have their pros and cons and allow players to loot awesome tanked rewards that change from season to season, therefore, rewarding the most outstanding players with some cosmetics and unique trophies.

Both of these mods are intertwined with the notion of Apex Legends rating and the continuous grind of it until the desired rank is achieved. The higher rank you manage to climb on the competitive ladder the more awesome rewards you can loot at the end of the season.

We have the full list of Apex ranked season rewards in related products, don’t forget to check them out. Now let us have a look at each of the mods so that you can select what services might help you to get the best out of your boosting with our professional team.

Apex Legends Ranked Leagues

The concept of Ranked Leagues has been introduced as a rated game mode to Apex Legends back in Season 2. As any game mode that involves the Apex rating system and the actual competitive ladder, Leagues are based on matchmaking algorithms.

This means that the players not just play with random fireteams but specifically selected squads with the same or adjustment rating tier. There is a Ranked Leagues season in place which coincides with the main Apex Rating Season which also rewards players with unique trophies and badges at the end according to their current rank.

There are plenty of rules in ranked gameplay in Apex. So many that sometimes people require the Apex Legends Ranked LEagues guide to tackle this game mode alone. However, we got you covered and briefed it down to the very basic list of features.

Apex Ranked Games Rules:

  • teams are going through a matchmaking process before starting the game;
  • the game is similar to the Play Apex mode;
  • at the end (after every match) players are awarded Ranked Points (RP);
  • RP is awarded for defeating the opponent (kill) or assist;
  • those points allow players to move into the next ranked tier;
  • penalty system can reduce or even deduct the RPs for every match.

To put it simply, the ranked league's format is the core battle royale gameplay with the introduced rating system that allows players to loot cool rewards based on their end-of-season placement. 

Speaking of the placement and placements matches. There is a system that distributes the tiers to every player who played more than 5 hours of Ranked in the previous ranked split. This way once you reach a higher rank it will be easier to climb back up on the next ranked rotation.

Let us now have a look at the Ranked Arenas in Apex Legends to see what other differences this format has to offer in comparison to the regular arenas and battle royale modes.

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas

This game mode is pretty straightforward and allows you to play all-time favorite arenas in a more challenging rated format. As in all rating-based modes, players will receive some cool rewards at the end of the rating split or season depending on their current tier.

Here is some crucial info about the ranked arena mode:

  • the matchmaking for the Ranked arena is based on both visible rank/AP & MMR;
  • Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is based on the player's performance;
  • the higher the MMR the faster players can reach desired results;
  • 10 placement matches are required to determine the initial MMR;
  • every match awards players with the AP (Arena Points);
  • the more points you get the faster you climb the ranking ladder.

The abandon and no-action penalties also work in this game mode limiting the amount of AP awarded to players or deducting them if left the battleground.

How to farm Rating Fast in Apex Legends?

Obviously, there is only one way you can farm more rating in Apex Legends and it is winning the matches consequently, therefore, boosting your overall ladder standing. However, it is not always possible to do, especially if you miss the well-played fire team with you or your squad members are not very skilled at Apex in general.

But there is nothing to worry about as Boosthive has got you covered. With our professional Apex Rating support services, you can reach the desired standing in a matter of days. Fast games with pro players will leave you fully satisfied and allow you to loot the best rating-based rewards at the end of the season.

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